Staff of Animal Hospital of Sayreville

Staff of Sayreville VetNecole Spinazzola
Hospital Administrator

Hospital Administrator Necole Spinazzola uses her leadership and managerial skills to allow the hospital to work as a team and run at its highest level. She has an excellent capacity for remembering the smallest of detail - not only in regards to the practice's operations, but about our clients and their pets, as well. Always calm and caring, Necole also assists during various surgical procedures so that she can provide hands-on patient care.

After attending LaSalle University for Small Business Management/Business Law, Necole began working at the Animal Hospital of Sayreville in January 2006. Necole not only gets to work with her husband every day, but she also is doing what she loves. "I get to work in an upbeat, friendly atmosphere with people I consider my friends and extended family," she said.

Necole and Dr. Spinazzola have a daughter named Gianni who hopes to one day be a veterinarian. Samantha is Gianni's big sister. The Spinazzola family cares for a dog and a cat, and Necole also has a horse named Lady Sterling. Necole spends her free time competing in triathalons and half-marathons, and riding her horse.

Staff of Sayreville VetCarol Daley
Hospital Coordinator

Hospital Coordinator Carol Daley has been helping our practice run smoothly since September 1998. With an amazing attention to detail, she provides any necessary administrative support, maintains accurate medical records, trains new administrative staff, and establishes relationships with owners and their pets to ensure clear communication.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Carol said, "Witnessing the strong bond between people and their pets in all stages of life and situations. Our team has the opportunity to be involved with providing professional treatment and caring support to patients and their owners."

"Dr. Spinazzola maintains the highest standard for veterinary medicine and brings a uniquely personal approach to relationships with clients and our staff," Carol added. "His warmth, tenacity, and high energy create a stimulating work environment. I'm proud to be part of a group that keeps the spirit of teamwork alive!"

When she's not at the office, Carol enjoys the beach, antiquing, and music, as well as volunteering monthly at The Ronald McDonald House in New Brunswick. She also has long made adopted dogs from rescue organizations part of her family; she now has a Dachshund/Beagle mix named Porsche and a Flat-Coated Retriever/Border Collie mix named Shadow.

Staff of Sayreville VetDenise Mendoza

Veterinary Assistant Denise Mendoza has been with us since August 2006 and every day she greets our clients and patients with a smile and a great attitude. Denise answers the phones, maintains the inventory, checks our clients in and out, fills prescriptions, handles appointment reminders and much more.

"I love my co-workers, very professional and courteous, and I love our small facility because it makes our service so personal," Denise said. "We also get to know our clients very well."

Denise shares her home with a dog and a cat, and she loves spending time with her children and walking her dog along the waterfront.

Staff of Sayreville VetTara Barry

Veterinary Assistant Tara Ann Barry joined us August 2011. While her responsibilities include answering the phones, greeting clients and assisting the doctor, she has a natural compassion for animals and their needs.

"I like working at the Animal Hospital of Sayreville because I enjoy interacting with other people who love animals as much as I do," Tara said. "Dr. Spinazzola is a very caring veterinarian and always puts the best interest of his patients first and is willing to go that extra mile - as is everyone that works here."

Tara has three dogs and three cats at home, all of which she rescued. For relaxation, Tara likes to spend time with her husband Tony and their two children. Outside of work she likes to bake, go hiking and read.

Staff of Sayreville VetSamantha Spinazzola

Samantha Spinazzola has been part of the team at Animal Hospital of Sayreville since 2007. Now, as a Veterinary Technician, her job responsibilities include taking care of sick pets, assisting the doctor in appointments, and keeping the hospital clean. While she has many daily duties, Samantha's favorite part of the job is interacting with clients and their pets. She is enrolled at Brookdale Community College, studying to be a Radiologic Technician.

'I believe in my father's work, and I love seeing him fulfill his dreams. I love being part of that vision, to have his hospital be unlike any other," Samantha says. "We are a unique group of people, and I enjoy working here every day and feel so blessed to care for every patient that comes through our doors."

At home Samantha cares for a dog named Charlette and a cat named Emme. In her free time she is a figure skater (a hobby she's pursued since 1997) and acts as a makeup artist for prom, sweet 16s, and weddings.

Staff of Sayreville VetDre Blanar

Dre Blanar has been a part of the team at Animal Hospital of Sayreville since August 2014. Her duties as a Veterinary Technician include assisting Dr. Spinazzola in each appointment, running diagnostic tests, and helping care for all sick or injured animals. She loves every chance she gets to interact with the variety of patients that visit the practice. Dre has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont, and she's taking her prerequisites for veterinary school.

"I love working here because it's so family-oriented," Dre says. "We're able to get to know the clients and their owners, and develop relationships. The staff are friendly and make it a true pleasure to come to work!"

At home, Dre is the pet parent to seven dogs and three cats. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, traveling, learning new things every day, and hanging out with her friends.

Staff of Sayreville VetAmanda Antipin

Veterinary Assistant Amanda Antipin joined the staff of Animal Hospital of Sayreville in September of 2015, but she's been employed in animal-related positions for over nine years. She brings significant experience with exotic animals, and her job responsibilities include making appointments, filling prescriptions, assisting technicians and doctors, confirming appointments, preparing records and cleaning.

"I love that at a small practice like this, the employees all get to know each other and care about each other," Amanda says. "We also have the chance to build strong relationships with clients and their pets."

At home Amanda cares for a French Bulldog named Nancy, three cats named Henry, Clyde, and Khloe, and a collection of reptiles that includes three geckos, a boa constrictor, a red-eared slider turtle, a chinchilla, a rat, and an African Lung Fish. In her free time Amanda enjoys hiking (Nancy even comes along if the weather's agreeable!), fishing, canoeing, camping, and visiting historic or abandoned sites and buildings.

Staff of Sayreville VetEileen Berecsky

Eileen Berecsky joined the Animal Hospital of Sayreville in August of 2014, but she's been employed in animal-related positions for over 18 years, working for 6 years in emergency medicine and 12 years in surgery. She finished her studies at Elmira College in 1997, and went on to complete the Veterinary Technician Program at Cedar Valley College in 2003.

At our animal hospital, Eileen's responsibilities include preparing animals for surgery, monitoring animals during and after surgery, preparing anesthetic drugs, drawing blood, placing IV catheters and running pre-surgical lab work. Eileen enjoys the opportunities her job affords her to help animals in need, and to collaborate with her coworkers.

"The Animal Hospital of Sayreville is truly a group of professionals that genuinely care about each and every pet as if it were their own," Eileen says. "We all work with and support one another to get everything done. They have truly become my second family."

At home she's the proud pet parent to a Bulldog named Sookie, a St. Bernard named Siren, and two Labs named Titan and Adonis. Eileen also has five cats named Lilly, Tux, Fiona, Yankee and Cookie. She's a member and foster parent for Cane Corso Rescue. In her free time Eileen enjoys playing softball, and spending time with her husband Frank, their daughters Kaylee and Kendall and son Jesse, and their pets.

Staff of Sayreville VetCarissa Ambis

Carissa Ambis has been a member of the staff at Animal Hospital of Sayreville since June of 2013. Her job responsibilities include answering the phones, scheduling appointments, filling prescriptions, and occasionally assisting the doctor in the exam rooms. Carissa has her Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from Seton Hall University. She also plans on applying to veterinary schools in the near future.

"This is my first job in an animal-related field, but I've had a love for animals since I was a young girl," Carissa says. "Our team is great - we all work so well together, and we all love what we do. Each of us has a genuine interest in the well-being of our patients (and animals in general), and it really shows!"

At home, she cares for a 13 year old domestic short hair cat named Jolly who Carissa has had since he was a kitten. She's also had a wide range of other pets, including dogs, a hamster, a mouse, an iguana, a turtle, fish, a bird, and hermit crabs. When she's not at our animal hospital, Carissa enjoys reading, going to the beach, kickboxing, and spending time with her boyfriend Ray.

Staff of Sayreville VetKaren Fazio

Karen Fazio heads up the behavior department at the Animal Hospital of Sayreville. Here she helps dogs and their owners develop training and rehabilitation programs to help those suffering from behavioral issues such as post traumatic stress, fears, aggression, obedience and the debilitating effects of under-socialization. She is professional behavior consultant and obedience trainer with more than a decade of experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages and temperaments.

Her vast knowledge of learning theory, canine body language and medical causes of behavior has earned her a monthly pets column in Inside Jersey magazine and a column on She has appeared numerous times on live radio shows such as Sirius/XM's Martha Stewart Living and WOR public radio.

Her expertise in behavior modification is far-reaching and often she's sought by colleagues and veterinarians throughout the United States for advice and treatment plans. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and is a friend/supporter of Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Member: Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT#73826)
Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP #416)
Supporter/Friend: Rescue Ridge animal rescue; Castle of Dreams animal rescue; Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine; Saint Barnabas Health Care System Paws for Patients Hospice and Palliative Care program

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